Clients & Members

Clients & Members

Inova Care is dedicated to meeting all of our client’s health, dental, lifestyle and wellness care needs. The goal of Inova Care is to provide members and corporate clients with a vas high quality network of health care providers that attend to an individual’s health care needs and enable them to live a healthier and fuller life.

All members need to do is contact Inova Care and we will assist in finding the network provider that meets each member’s specialty, location and scheduling preferences. As a valued client or member, Inova Care will even schedule the appointment for you.

If you are a policyholder or member of an insurance program managed by Inova Care, please refer to your policy documents or call the dedicated hotline mentioned on your insurance ID card or policy documentation to know more about the benefits and services you are eligible to receive.

In most cases, if you are covered by an insurance or benefits program managed by Inova Care, your immediate out-of-pocket expenses may be lower because your benefit plan will pay our network providers directly for the portion of your treatment that is covered by insurance or your benefit plan. Inova Care will also help you complete and file all insurance claim forms which results in reduced paperwork for you.

Please call our Customer Care and Concierge Team for more information about all of the advantages offered by Inova Care and how to access your benefit program.

Schedule an Appointment

Inova Care’s Customer Care and Concierge Team can coordinate all of your care needs. We can help you find the right provider based on your diagnosis or specialization needs. Please complete the form below if you would like to schedule an appointment using our online appointment tool.

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Member Satisfaction

Quality is at the forefront of Inova Care, and a key enabler of our success. Our quality management program encompasses everything from our information technology, provider networks to our service centers. We take our clients health and dental care needs seriously.

We invite you to provide us with confidential feedback on how we are performing. Your feedback is important to us, and an integral part of our continuous quality improvement model.


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Online Services

Thank you for choosing Inova Care’s online support services. Our web portal tools will allow you to access real-time information, and request various services that are included in your benefit plan.

Corporate clients will have access to benefit program dash board reports as well as the ability to design customized reports in our data warehouse. Once you have registered, you will have access to our web portal tools

If you are having difficulty with the registration process or need additional information, please contact us. Please note that this tool is currently not available for clients and members located in China, Korea or Japan.

Provider Directory

Inova Care takes pride on its extensive network of quality providers.  Click the link of the country below to know more of our partner providers.





If the country you are looking for is not listed, please contact Inova Care.

if you need any further information.

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Inova care is an industry leading consulting and health care administration company specializing in managed care, clinical pathways and cost containment solutions for corporations and insurance companies.


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