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The cornerstone of Inova Care’s success is the quality of its health and dental care provider network. Our clients range from industry leading insurance companies to established corporate clients.

For more than 15 years Inova Care has been a pioneer in developing innovative benefit programs that bring value and patient volume to our provider network. We support all types of benefit programs ranging from comprehensive medical plans to niche critical illness and dental plans.

We welcome you to join our provider network and become part of a growing international healthcare network of providers that is committed to improving how health and dental care services are accessed worldwide.

Join Our Network

if you are interested in joining our provider network, all you need to do is:

  • Agree to accept and treat patients that are referred to you by Inova Care
  • Execute and complete the provider agreement and application form
  • Provide care and services in a manner that is consistent with Inova Care’s guidelines and is consistent with the level of quality in your community

You can complete the application online by completing by submitting the information below:

Insert Online Application Form

Once we receive your completed application, Inova Care will evaluate your application according to its credentialing guidelines. Please contact Inova Care by email at with any questions about how to join our growing network of providers.


Becoming a valued network provider of Inova Care will provide you with several advantages:

  • Opportunity for increased patient volume.
  • Advanced online tools for eligibility verification, authorization requests, claims and reporting.
  • Expedited payment for covered services related to corporate and insurance benefit programs.
  • Participation in a growing number of private insurance and benefit programs.
  • Efficient claims process with reduced paperwork for private insurance programs.
  • Dedicated support team for working with international patients and benefit programs.
  • Network listing with notation of any quality or specialization certifications.
  • pecial pricing for international clinical pathway guidelines.

Please contact Inova Care if you have any questions about becoming a part of our international provider network.

Provider Online Services

All Inova Care network providers are invited to use our provider web portal tools which will allow you to do everything from verifying a member’s eligibility, filing a claim, checking the status of a claim to obtaining management reports about your patient base enrolled with Inova Care.

Once you have registered, you will have access to several online web portal tools. If you need assistance with the registration process or require more information about Inova Care, please contact us at Please note that this tool is not available to providers located in Korea, China and Japan.

Provider Satisfaction Survey

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Payment amounts are accurate. Never Seldom Neutral Most of the time Always
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